Original title

Floris Filius


Essay film





Musical direction

Marc Vilajuana

Director & Cinematographer

Aleix Font


Guillermo Prieto

Singer and voices

Enric Verdaguer
Marc Vilajuana
Alba Quinquillà


Strips Jesse Virgam
Monodia sacra medieval

Floris Filius is an essay film that metaphorically reflects on today’s society.

A three-way love between young people who reason from singing. Maybe one way to start over is to take the basics of the past and change them.

“We’ve abandoned this habit of contemplating; traded it for movement, action”

I suppose there would have been a time where the strength of our capabilities arose out of contemplation. Silent, we would look outside and then within, and that’s where would ultimately find the truth.

A bird’s flight, the sunset, the creaking of steps against the ground.
We’ve come to believe that modifying our environment was what life was about; and now we’re still excavating, deeper and deeper into the ground, hoping to extract the essence of happiness.

We’ve abandoned this habit of contemplating; traded it for movement, action.
And now, what do we have left? Is there an eternal body and mind movement, one that can allow us to find peace?

I want to change the course of these convictions. I imagine that, one day, we’ll give up trying to change the matter of the world, and we’ll start listening to ourselves again. Going back to contemplation will be the most reactionary act possible, the expansion of our freedom.

floris filius